Brooke is an amazing practitioner.  I went to her for almost a year. She is caring, empathetic, and knowledgeable.  Brooke would always research new treatments for me, and she helped immensely with my physical and emotional balance.  She listens well, and my time working with her really helped change my physical state.  She is intelligent, and would always help me to understand treatments when I requested information. I am big on understanding the why, and Brooke was always accomodating.  In addition to treatments, Brooke prescribed very effective herbal formulas for me.  I have loved working with her! I highly recommend Brooke for anyone. -Andrea D. 

I met with Brooke over a course of months in 2013 to deal with issues relating to stress and anxiety. Working with Brooke was a totally new experience with acupuncture than I've ever had before, because of her compassion, her thoughtful listening, and her honest desire to understand my experiences. She had a quiet confidence behind every interaction that made me feel comfortable and reassured. Her treatments felt so precise, and always left me feeling like she'd drained whatever negative energy I came in with from my body. One thing I liked in particular about working with Brooke was how involved she was in explaining the philosophy and the reasons behind her treatments. I came away from each session better educated and it allowed me to feel involved and empowered in my treatment. I noticed lasting results in my level of calmness and awareness of my body, and often practice techniques Brooke taught me during these sessions. She's a gem of an acupuncturist and I would recommend her to anyone.  -Torie P.

I sought out acupuncture for overall wellness. I am a cancer survivor.  Because of all the chemo and stress on my body I often feel fatigued and have a compromised immune system. In turn though, cancer has made me very attentive to my body; Always trying to figure out how I can heal and feel better. During my first appointment with Brooke we talked for and hour and a half! She was so thorough and not only was a good listener, but I truly felt heard and understood. every treatment I had was so very healing. The healing wasn't only physical, but also emotional. Every appointment we would sit and have a thorough conversation about what was going on with me. From that she would decide what was most important to work on in my body. I often felt like I was floating when I left. Her knowledge of acupuncture and the body is extensive.  -Hope S. 

I visited Brooke in the Chinese herbs and acupuncture clinic for many sessions. I felt relaxed although it was my fist time in her care and the results were amazing. Brooke has been wonderful to see as my practitioner. She responds to questions with careful consideration and explanation, freely asks questions of me that dive further into problems or conditions I may not have thought to mention and always maintained a caring and knowledgeable demeanor. There is no doubt in my mind that Brooke will work tenaciously on the next phase of her career. She is capable of building a strong and lasting practice that will care for many people and help them grow stronger and feel better as she has done for me. -Lisa R. 

In the 18+ months that I received acupuncture from Brooke, she played an integral role in the change and growth I experienced during one of the most stressful years of my life.  In many ways, I consider her and the care she provided to be the catalyst and consistent source of energy that allowed me to confront physical and emotional challenges and successfully implement life changes to overcome them. Brooke’s natural confidence and ability to really tune into my pulses was something that I looked forward to in each of my appointments with her.  I was always amazed at how thoroughly she was able to assess what was going on with me and then devise a very intuitive plan for treatment just by taking my pulses.  What constantly kept me in awe of Brooke, and her ability to pinpoint where and how I needed assistance in my body, was how each of her treatments and their results would carry into the following days and sometimes weeks, helping me to face things and grow in ways I wasn't even expecting to. -Noelle S. 

Brooke is a thoughtful practitioner. She truly has her patient's best interests at heart and will push her patients in order to facilitate their healing.  Her treatment planning is precise & insightful.  Brooke is focused and organized regarding what treatment she would like to do and why.  In Brooke's presence, I have watched her patients transform.  Brooke is highly knowledgable about Chinese medicine.  I have learned so much by partnering with her, and I am grateful to have been able to work with Brooke. -Tamara G.